8 Fun Things to Do With Your Partner on Valentine’s Day (2020)

I do not own any of the pictures and GIFs in this post. The cover image is by Sidney Pearce on Unsplash.

So Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, two weeks to be exact, and it’s completely normal to have no idea how you’re going to spend it yet. If it’s up to you to plan the activities, and you don’t have a clue what to do, look no further, I’m here to help. Here are 8 fun things that you can do with your partner on Valentine’s day:

#1: Paint and Sip

Paint and sips are basically group painting classes, and they’re so much fun to do with someone. There are plenty of paint studios in Maryland that offer paint and sips. Most of them have a calendar where you can see all the pictures that you can paint throughout the month. You just pick the day you want to go, select the picture you want to paint, pay for your canvas, and you’re good to go. I recommend Pinot’s Palette in Ellicott City, Wine & Design in Annapolis, and Painting with a Twist in Timonium. This is such a nice thing to do on Valentine’s day, and afterwards, you can compare your pictures.

#2: Indoor Go Karting

Indoor go karting is the perfect way to satisfy that adrenaline rush, if you guys are adrenaline junkies like me, then this is for you. I personally recommend Autobahn Speedway, this is serious go karting, you get a padded helmet and everything, not to scare anyone off of course, but these karts go really fast, and it’s easy to drive into the barriers. This can defintely bring out a healthy competition.

#3: Roller Skating or Ice Skating

Roller skating is such a classic go to date. If you can’t skate, at least you’ll be able to hold on to your partner and have good laughs. Some skating rinks offer couples skate night, especially on Valentine’s day, so if this sounds like something you’d want to do, make sure to look up a local skating rink near you! Hopefully you won’t end up like this, lol.

#4: Drive In Movie Theater

These theaters are so romantic and nostalgic, the vibes there are just incredible. It reminds me of an old school date, and it’s so fun, you can fill the back of a van or truck with pillows and blankets so you guys can cuddle while watching the movie. There’s not a lot of drive in movie theaters around, in fact, the only one that’s still open in Maryland is Bengie’s, they have the largest movie screen in America, and they always have a great selection of movies to watch. This is a great idea if you want to be unique and not just have a regular movie date.

#5: Couples Cooking Class

This is something not everyone knows about, there are so many cooking classes in Maryland that specifically have days set out for date nights, so only couples can take the class. I think this is such a great date idea, you get to test each other’s skills in the kitchen, and you get to eat what you made when you’re done. Usually these classes don’t have a lot of spots available, so it’s a very intimate setting, very romantic *winks*.

#6: Mini Golf

How can I make a list of fun date ideas without mini golf??? It’s a classic, you know, it’s the perfect way to get close to your partner, wrap your arms around them so that you can “teach them the technique to golf properly”, I’m sure we’ve all seen that move in a TV show or movie before, if you haven’t tried that move on your partner yet, definitely give it a try if this seems like the type of thing you guys would be interested in. My favorite mini golf places in Maryland are Monster Mini Golf in Jessup and Watkins Miniature Golf Park in Upper Marlboro.

#7: Go to an Escape Room

This is a really nice date idea because you guys can see how you both work under pressure and how you talk to each other to finish the task. This is a great teamwork date, because you have to help each other out so that you can escape the room before the time runs out. There’s a huge variety of escape rooms out there, some are scary, some are mysteries, others are just regular ones. You have to find and figure out all of the clues in order to escape. My favorite escape rooms in Maryland are Mission Escape Rooms in Annapolis, and Breakout Games in Columbia.

#8: Visit a Haunted House

Now, you’d figure that haunted houses would be a seasonal thing right? Only for the fall season around Halloween, but you would be mistaken. Bennet’s Curse Haunted House has a Valentine’s Day themed event. It’s very scary, so if you’re a scaredy cat like me, you’ll probably hide behind your partner while you walk through the house. This is a good date to get plenty of laughs and thrill. If this sounds like something you’d want to do, check out the location in Baltimore. Good luck and have fun! lol.

I hope you enjoyed this list of date ideas, hopefully you found some new ones that you want to try out. If you do, let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear all about it.


I do not own any of the pictures and GIFs in this post. The cover image is by Sidney Pearce on Unsplash.


  1. 02/15/2020 / 7:53 PM

    I have not been in Disney land for so many years. When I do make that trip I am going to follow this. Great blog. I know i will have fun in florida.

    • hannahbly
      02/16/2020 / 1:27 PM

      Thank you so much, I’m glad you liked it!

  2. Katy M
    02/15/2020 / 8:57 AM

    I’d so love to try go karting or an escape room!

    • hannahbly
      02/15/2020 / 4:52 PM

      Yes! Go karting is so much fun!!

  3. 02/14/2020 / 5:57 PM

    Number 1 is so fun! It’s like the cutest date idea ever!

    • hannahbly
      02/15/2020 / 4:52 PM

      Isn’t it?!

  4. 02/14/2020 / 3:16 PM

    These are some really cool ideas..thanks for sharing.. 🙂

    • hannahbly
      02/14/2020 / 5:48 PM

      Thank you!!

  5. 02/13/2020 / 4:27 PM

    This is a great list of date ideas! I love that these are actual activities, movie theater and dinner can get old after awhile. I think hubby and I will do haunted house this year. We live close by to the Winchester Mystery House ?

    • hannahbly
      02/13/2020 / 4:37 PM

      That sounds like fun! I hope you guys have a great time?

  6. Marjie Mare
    02/13/2020 / 3:17 PM

    Although I don’t live in Maryland, I can use your ideas and have a beautiful time with my hubby. Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

    • hannahbly
      02/13/2020 / 4:18 PM

      thank you! happy valentine’s day to you too!

  7. 02/07/2020 / 7:08 PM

    All great ideas, love ⛸.

    • hannahbly
      02/07/2020 / 8:21 PM

      thank you!??

  8. 02/06/2020 / 3:44 PM

    These are great date ideas, not only for Maryland but for anywhere really!! One of my fiance’s favorite is ice skating lol after our first time going, he absolutely loved it ? we usually go around Christmas but I think I’ll actually surprise him this year and take HIM there lol thanks for the suggestions!

    • hannahbly
      02/06/2020 / 4:30 PM

      Thank you so much!

  9. 02/05/2020 / 1:13 PM

    All of these ideas are great! Especially the couples cooking class! Oh and the painting class! Thank you

  10. 02/05/2020 / 1:13 PM

    All of these ideas are great! Especially the couples cooking class! Oh and the painting class! Thank you!

    • hannahbly
      02/05/2020 / 1:18 PM

      I’m so happy you enjoyed them! I totally recommend the cooking class! It’s so much fun?

  11. 02/04/2020 / 8:25 PM

    Great post! All of these are wonderful ideas that I know I’d really enjoy doing with my husband, except maybe the haunted house (we’re wimps lol) ;). Thank you for sharing!

    • hannahbly
      02/04/2020 / 8:34 PM

      lol?thank you, I put the haunted house at the bottom for a reason. I get scared so easily!

  12. 02/04/2020 / 7:43 PM

    These are great ideas. I can’t even remember the last time I went roller skating.

    • hannahbly
      02/04/2020 / 8:33 PM

      i love doing these types of things because they bring out that inner kid in you?it’s so much fun

  13. 02/04/2020 / 4:30 PM

    These are such great ideas! I would love to go go-karting or a drive-in movie theatre!

    • hannahbly
      02/04/2020 / 8:32 PM

      thank you! the drive in movie theater is definitely one of my faves!

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