Take a Ride on DC’s First Luxury Bus to NYC – The Jet

Disclaimer: Even though my ride was comped, my opinion is 100% real. I only share things that I enjoy.

If you’ve traveled to New York City from the DMV area before, you know that these are your typical transportation options: driving, flying, Peter Pan/Megabus/Greyhound bus, or Amtrak.

Well now, you can add one more option to that list, meet The Jet bus: a first-class bus experience that mixes the luxury of a private jet with the convenience of a bus. The Jet only goes to Washington, D.C. and New York City, with one pickup and one drop-off, but they’re hoping to expand in the future.


The bus has about 14 seats, with one side being rows of two, while the other side holds solo seats. I took my mom with me, so we opted to sit on the double seat side. Now, the solo seats do have a small additional fee, but if you book early enough, you could book the solo seat in the very back for no extra fee at all!

The seats on The Jet bus are known as Hoverseats, proclaimed as the most advanced passenger seats in the world. What counts as an advanced passenger seat you may ask? Well, the seats contain memory foam and gel foam for a level of comfort that is unheard of in terms of bus transportation. The seats also have a built-in tray table, a 45° recline, and heaps of leg room.

The coolest part about these chairs is that they have motion canceling technology that eliminates 90% of all vibrations and bumps from the road, it’s an experience that you’d have to see for yourself in person!

But just in case you might not want to have motion canceling seats, or you dislike the feeling, you have the option to notify the attendant and they can turn off that feature for you! How cool is that?


The Jet bus has an extensive list of amenities, all of which are great for a 4-hour trip to the city! Here are some of the amenities The Jet has to offer:

  • Hot towel upon arrival
  • Power outlets at your seat
  • Complimentary wine or beer
  • Free HiFi Wi-Fi
  • Free Biscoff cookies! (one of my favorite amenities lol, I’m obsessed with these)
  • Premium snack menu

People get excited from just hearing about the complimentary drinks alone lol, and I agree, this definitely adds another tier of luxury on this bus.

The Wi-Fi is easily one of the (if not the top) best working Wi-Fi I’ve ever used on a mode of transportation. There were several other people on the bus who had their laptops out to either stream shows/movies, or to get some work done.

But…………if you don’t feel like getting any work done, or maybe you just want to close your eyes and relax, you are able to ask for a blanket. And let me tell you, the blankets are not some cheap thin kind of material, they are soft and plush, perfectly comfortable for the journey on the road.


There is one bathroom on board, it is located in the back of the bus. Now I will say that the size can still remind you of a standard bathroom on a bus or plane, but the amenities and design makes it feel more spacious in a way. There is a beautifully lit mirror above the seat that is perfect for mid ride selfies. There’s even a touchless water and soap dispenser at the sink!


I really appreciated that when we found out that our NYC arrival would be delayed due to a building crash, they gave all passengers a discount to use on their next trip booking. And apparently, this is something that they are known to do, if your arrival time is delayed, they will offer you a discount, and I think that this shows that they do care about and value their passengers.

To conclude, The Jet bus has forever changed my idea of NYC transportation, and when I have the funds (lol) I would love to ride with them again.


  1. 01/01/2024 / 4:07 PM

    I’ve traveled many times to NYC from DMV over the years. My fave was always Amtrak because you arrive smack in the middle of the city vs. Queens. I imagine Jet is similar so I would use it. Those seats looks soooo comfy!

    • hannahbly
      01/08/2024 / 8:19 AM

      They were SO comfy!! I fell asleep so fast lol.

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